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Physical Benefits.

Mothers report a faster recovery while taking placenta. Placenta contains vitamins and hormones that assist in recovery and bring on breast milk like: iron, b-vitamins, prolactin, TSH, prostaglandins, and oxytocin. Recover Faster!

Emotional Balance

Placenta can help you stay balanced as you navigate sleep deprivation and the anxious first few days of being a mother. While it doesn’t prevent postpartum depression it can help smooth out those emotional edges and make you just feel better – Like just you got this whole parenthood thing! Find your balance.

Experience Counts

Birth By The Sea has processed more then 100 placentas. We use a rigorous safety protocol and offer more choices in preparation methods and additional services so you can make the most of your placenta experience. Trust the process.

How it works…

“I hired Bethany to have my placenta encapsulated with both of my pregnancies. She makes the whole process so easy. She picked up my placenta the day of delivery and dropped off the capsules the very next day. She’s very passionate and knowledgeable about her work. I am so grateful for Bethany and this wonderful service she provides.”Claire Jokela
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* Fill out your intake and contract easily online to put yourself on my calendar.
* You pack a cooler and 2-3 ziploc bags for ice with your hospital bag.
*You message me when you are in labor and when baby is born I will pick up your placenta or your drop off person will arrange a time.
* Your placenta is prepared in my home placenta kitchen. It will be washed, sliced, and dehydrated depending on the method you choose and any add-on services prepared.
* Once dehydrated your dried placenta is ground into powder and put into the capsules of your choice.
* I will call you when they are finished and arrange drop off of your pills.
*Turn around is typically 24-48 hours.
* Start your capsules! A postpartum handbook is included with instructions on dosage, adjustment, breastfeeding and more.

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Safety is our priority.

Your provider is trained and certified with IPPA and carries a certificate of training in blood borne pathogens and a food handlers license. Your placenta is prepared in a dedicated space and stored in it’s own fridge. Placentas are always processed one at a time and given their own unique tracking code. You never have to worry that your placenta will be lost.

Preparation Methods

  • {Raw Prep}
    From the raw foods movement. Your placenta is cleaned and prepared in the dehydrator at a 125 degrees. Yields the highest number of capsules. Best used for increasing energy.
  • {Balanced Method}
    Combines the best of the raw prep and gentle method. Your placenta is cleaned and prepared at a higher heat of 155 degrees. Yields a generous number of capsules with the warming benefit of to Gentle method.
  • {Gentle Method or TCM}
    Based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, your placenta is cleaned and then gently steamed with lemon and ginger before dehydrating at 155 degrees. The heating of the placenta before steaming is said to warm the chi. Lower capsule yield.

Build A Placenta Package that Fits!

Start with a Transport Choice and
Customize to suit your needs.

DIY Transport

Basic Placenta Encapsulation
with your choice of methods. You deliver your placenta to me and pick up your capsules.


Transport to Huntington Beach, CA
In person support Add-ons
not available.

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Shared Transport

Basic Placenta Encapsulation with your choice of methods. We will share the trip with you, and either pick up from the hospital/birth place, or drop off your capsules.


Required for In Person
Support Add-ons.
Transport to Huntington Beach, CA

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Full Service Transport

Basic Placenta Encapsulation with your choice of methods. We will pick up your placenta and deliver your capsules so you can spend more time snuggling that new baby!


Let us make your life easier.
All Support Add-ons available.

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Add-on Services that Make the Most of Your Experience.

  • placenta cord keepsake

    {Free Add-ons}
    * Art print made with natural spirulina dye to capture the fingerprint of your unique placenta.

    * Curious about what your placenta looked like? Each one is unique. Photograph of your cleaned placenta.

    * Cord Keepsake. In some cultures the cord represents the link to the spirit world. You can have yours dried into a spiral, a heart shape, or the word love.

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  • {Fruit Smoothie} $25.00
    A placenta smoothie can be made using a small piece of your placenta and yummy organic fruit, whole milk, yogurt, or nut milks. Can be made vegan/dairy free and provides an immediate boost in energy for you while you wait for your capsules. You may also order some of your placenta cut and frozen into smoothie size pieces at no additional charge with your encapsulation. A placenta smoothie tastes no different then one without placenta and can be especially helpful if you are recovering from a long or difficult labor. You can also choose to have your some of your placenta frozen in pieces to make your own smoothies.

    Berry Placenta Smoothie

  • placenta service{Placenta Tincture} $35.00/45.00
    A placenta tincture can be made using a small piece of your placenta and high-proof alcohol. A tincture indefinitely preserves your placenta while extracting the nutrients and hormones to make them available for you to use. Tincture can be used in the future for difficult menstruation and menopause or for baby while teething or to increase your milk supply. I can also make your tincture with placenta and traditional lactogenic herbs that help your milk supply such as fenugreek seed, nettle, and fennel. A tincture takes 6 weeks to cure before use.

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  • placenta salve

    {Placenta Salve} $35.00
    A salve or balm can be made using your placenta and high quality organic ingredients including herbs (customized for each preparation), avocado oil, local raw beeswax, shea butter, and coconut butter. The healing salve can then be applied to c-section scars once they are healed, hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, cracked or blistered nipples, eczema, sun burn, diaper rash (can be made cloth diaper safe!), skin irritation and more. I can customize the herbal preparation for each salve to coincide with your planned use.


  • {Chocolate Placenta Truffles} $45.00

    Your placenta powder can be added to things other than capsules. For women that have difficulty swallowing pills or just prefer something different your placenta powder can be made into rich chocolate truffles. Custom flavors include: Cardamom, Chai, Berry, or Brandy. Truffles can be frozen to prolong their shelf life. One dozen.

    Placenta Truffles

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  • Flavored Placenta Pills{Flavored Capsules} $5.00
    A little squeamish out about consuming your placenta? Burp when you take vitamins of any kind? Change your capsules to Berry or Strawberry or Lime flavored capsules that are also solid color so you can’t see the contents.

Herbal and Support Add-ons Really Make a Difference

  • {Recovery Bath Tea}  $20.00
    Make a strong herbal tea of calendula, comfrey, plantain, lavender, yarrow, nettle, and sea salt and pour it into your bath water. Makes 3-4 baths and comes with a 4×5 muslin tea bag. Good for sore bruised and tire muscles after birth.
  • {Belly Binding} $65.00
    Gauze binding fabric and instructional visit including first bind. Stabilize your core and support your belly and back as you nurse and return to everyday activity.
  • {Lactation Visit} $65.00
    Up to an hour of breastfeeding support and help with latch, recognizing normal newborn behavior, nipple pain prevention and recovery, and positioning.
  • {Better Bottom Sitz Kit} $45.00
    Sitz tub, Better Bottom Sitz Tea, 8oz Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Natracare Pads, Epsom Salt. Treat your bottom to some recovery! Even with a normal and easy labor there can be some tenderness and healing to do. This kit has you covered.
  • {Nursing Support Kit} $50.00
    Deep Nourish Tea, Boobie Bath Herbal Blend, Nipple Soak Salts, Nipple Balm Soother Stick. My own blend of herbal care for sore nipples, bringing on the milk, and pampering your boobies as they do the hard work of nourishing your baby.
  • {Welcome Baby Care Kit} $45.00
    First Bath Tea Blend, Cord Healing Powder, Baby Bottom Balm 1oz, DYI Footprint Kit (spirulina powder, paper, brush). A little kit to welcome your baby from first bath to diaper balm and a keepsake to remember.
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