Bethany Ewers – My Story

When I was pregnant with my first baby and struggling with my fears, my wishes, and my deep hope for the birth I wanted, I took up the habit of walking at the beach. 4-7 times a week I hit the sand and walked through my fears and doubts. I cried, I begged, I prayed for peace and I worked through my fears of becoming a mother and my doubts about how I planned to do it. I took pictures of the waves, I listened to birds, I walked in the fog, I walked in the dark, I walked barefoot and connected. The sea and the shore became my ritual and my connection to my baby.

My oldest daughter was born at home after 41 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy. I will not ever say it was easy but it was beautiful. Labor is one of the most challenging and transformational things that as women we get to experience. After all 9lbs and 8oz of her slid into my arms one of my first thoughts was ‘Damn right I get a medal!’. I also felt so connected and present and in love. This child of mine was not finished teaching me yet though. We struggled hard with breastfeeding and pain. I had a long period of healing and while we finally got it, I knew again there had to be a better way and again we hit the beach where she would take epic naps and I could think about my next steps.

My next steps were to enter into the world of birth work and Birth By The Sea was born. Beatrice was only 5 months old when I took my first doula training. For me the job of a doula is to provide that continuity of emotional care that I got with my midwife. Being a doula allows me to integrate my many interests and talents. I get to provide information and resources that allow moms to make choices that are evidenced based but in alignment with their personal beliefs. Doulas are the safety line on a ship. We can’t do your work for you but we support you as you climb masts and chart new territory and help you find your voice.

Bethany EwersBethany Ewers and family.
  • Certifications

    • DONA International Doula Training 2011
    • Birth Goddess Doula Training and Certification 2012
    • Certified Placenta Specialist – Full Circle Placenta 2012
    • AALP Certified Lactation Counselor Training and Certification 2014
    • Green Wisdom Herbal Apprentice 2015


    Bethany Ewers Orange County Doula

  • Birth Classes Bethany Ewers

    On going education.

    • Water Birth workshop with Barbara Harper
    • Herbal Medicine for Women program with Aviva Romm
    • Plus Size Birth training.
    • Gentle Birth Workshop with Sarah Buckley
    • Future of Childbirth workshop with Ina May Gaskin
    • Rebozo workshop with Gena Kirby
    • Rebozo Training with Joni Nichols
    • Gold Lactation Training 2015


  • Life Experience

    • Married for 13 years to a bagpipe playing archeologist.
    • Two midwife attended home births.
    • Full term breastfeeding mama.
    • Lifetime of study as a western folk herbalist
    • 24 years as a working portrait photographer, yearbook designer, retoucher.
    • Fiber artist – spinning, knitting, crochet, felt.
    • Messes around in the kitchen and loves searching old blue ribbon recipes and folk recipes from all over the world. Makes Jam.
    • Raises angora rabbits, chickens, and bees.
    • Current secretary for the Orange County Beekeepers Association.
    • Avid reader and audio book listener. Favorite genres include urban fantasy, fantasy, romance, memoirs, herbal cookbooks, and of course birth books!