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Holistic Lactation Support

Breastfeeding Support in the Comfort of Your Home

Lactation Visit Long Beach

In-Home Lactation Consults

In-home consults typically last one hour and include latch assessment, breastfeeding education, and pump fitting. Consults are especially good for addressing nipple pain, poor milk transfer, sleepy nursing, tongue ties, supply issues, and developing plans for resuming nursing, weaning, and pump routines. Gentle hands-on support to help you meet your feeding goals {$100.00 per hour}

Breastfeeding Help Line

Need to ask a quick question or troubleshoot a feeding issue? Want some reassurance during your first weeks? Need a listening ear as you work through your nursing plan? Let me be your on-call, Mary Poppins, and bring some ease to your first weeks of breastfeeding. The Breastfeeding Help Line includes a weekly 30-minute check-in by phone or Zoom (including follow-up texts and emails) for one month of your choice. {$200.00}

Virtual Consult

Need a virtual latch assessment? Want to create a feeding plan or walk through using your new pump? Virtual consults are available on Zoom or FaceTime and can be an effective way to work through a breastfeeding issue. Virtual Comfort and Support {$85.00 per hour}