Homeschool , Planning, New Year

Homeschool Planning Class


The class will be held via zoom on August 1, 2020, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Goal set and plan for the upcoming homeschool year! Explore goal setting, time management, self-learning support, backward lesson planning, assessment strategies, and curriculum styles.


Feeling lost about the new school year? Not sure how to make a schedule and rhythm that works for your family?Homeschooling for the first time? Whether you are a homeschool veteran or choosing virtual schooling in this time of pandemic you will find some tips and tricks for successfully homeschooling your children in the new year.

In this zoom class, I will teach you how to set your yearly big goals and backward plan your school year to fit whatever curriculum and style you choose. We will start by looking at your child’s strengths and weaknesses using brainstorming worksheets and I will help you set your goals and personal priorities. Then we will dive into the planning process so you can learn to backward plan your lessons and find a variety of ways to assess how you are doing on your path. I will provide you with resources for finding a curriculum that fits, planning templates, brainstorming worksheets, and a chance to pick my brain about your unique needs. We will cover time management, weekly planning, outside educational opportunities like co-ops, and fostering independent learning in your child. You can learn how to flexibly teach and make your homeschool rhythm work around your work and home life schedule. All resources will be made available in PDF format the day of the class so you can print them out and be prepared to dive right into planning.
About me: I have been homeschooling my children for 6 years, run a successful co-op, and am in the process of attaining my degree in early childhood education and a K-12 teaching credential.  I want to better serve homeschool families like mine especially around creating rhythms, selecting curriculum, planning process, and meeting goals. I also run a birth business full time and teach adult childbirth and parenting classes. I have a background in Waldorf and Reggio style learning and a drive to help folks find a path that works the best for them.