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Welcome to
Birth By The Sea!

Welcome to Birth By The Sea. It is my mission as a doula to meet you where you are and provide you with holistic, expert, and inclusive, care throughout your parenting journey. My goal is to provide continuity through support services that start with planning and education and end with a healthy growing family. Whatever kind of birth you are planning: hospital, home, birth center, natural, medicated, or cesarean birth you will find…

*Custom Herbal Products and Kits
*Placenta Encapsulation
*In Home Lactation Counseling
*Breastfeeding Support Groups
*Birth photography
*Doula Services
*Postpartum Belly Binding,

If you...

* Value gentle, holistic, experienced, inclusive care.
* You want no nonsense, non-biased, information to support your decision making and parenting journey.
* You trust the process, but crave personalized support for your experience.
* You want all your services available in one spot.
* You want fast, safe, placenta capsules.

Then Lets Set Sail!
Doula Huntington Beach

Customize Your Support

Adding a birth doula to your team can enhance your partners labor skills, ground you out, and help you sail smoothly no matter your course.

Doula Services

Find Your Balance.

Herbal products and advice from a trusted source to support your body from birth to recovery.


Nobody has to do this alone. Classes help you connect to other new parents and give you the tools to navigate your journey.

You Ate What?

Clean. Experienced. Secure. Placenta Encapsulation for a gentler recovery.

Picture Your Story.

Count those little toes over and over again after all BIRTHdays only happen once. Capture your birth professionally.

Doula Services


Give your body and baby the best start. From pain free nursing to heading back to work, lactation consults get you there.

Bethany is so knowledgeable about so many things! She integrates her her diverse knowledge in ways that were so supportive and intuitive for me during my pregnancy and my daughter’s first year.”
Sharon Payne Rick – mama of one.